Violating Higher Education

Why Whistle?

With sexual violence at appalling high rates across the nation’s universities, steps need to be made to make campuses a safe home-away-from-home. Help protect and encourage safety among your students by bringing Whistle to your school.

Whistle creates a safe community among good samaritans on your campus, connecting your safety to people who care the most.

Get Familiar

Create a profile and view others profile to see who is responding to your “whistle”


Tap to Assist

That action notifies nearby good samaritans with the application that you are in possible danger.



Contact the person in need to assure them you are coming and who to look for.


Show initiative at your University

Fill out the fields to find out more on how your university can be an early adopter of Whistle.

National Campus Safety Organizations

More great organizations to promote or bring to your campus to promote safety and end campus violence.

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